Botanical Illustrations and Scientific Discovery

The UCSB Library presents Botanical Illustrations and Scientific Discovery—Joseph Banks and the Exploration of the South Pacific, 1768–1771, an examination of the impact of 18th century botanical illustrations. Join British Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks, on a journey of discovery as he sets sail on James Cook’s 1768–1771 voyage to Australia and New Zealand aboard the H.M.S. Endeavour.

This exhibition will examine 18th century botanical illustrations and their role in documenting not only the plant specimens being collected by Banks, but the cultural exploration and mapping of a new world. A highlight of the exhibition will be a selection of illustrations, featuring Santa Barbara flora and fauna, from Banks’ Florilegium. The Florilegium is comprised of 35 folios featuring 743 copperplate engravings produced from the sketches of plant specimens produced by Scottish botanical artist, Sydney Parkinson.

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