Chen-Chung Chen

Multifloral Paphiopedilums

Mr. Chen-Chung Chen is the owner of Mainshow Orchids in Taiwan. He is well known for his breeding program of top quality species and hybrids. He has been growing and propagating Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum species and hybrids for over 30 years. Mr. Chen is also a TOGA judge and has served as the Judging Chair of the prestigious Taiwan International Orchid Show.

Jason Fischer

New Phragmipedium Hybrids and Culture

Jason Fischer works and helps manage Orchids Limited in Plymouth, Minnesota USA. Orchids Limited opened in 1978 in Minnetonka in a small retail greenhouse off of Highway 12. In 1983, Orchids Limited moved to Plymouth where they have grown into a mid-sized operation of 4 greenhouses with 15,000 square feet of growing space, a shade house, and laboratory.

Dr. Harold Koopowitz

Perfecting the Miniature Complex Paphiopedilums

Dr. Harold Koopowitz is a well-known breeder of slipper orchids. He has authored many articles and books on the subject, and was a partner in Paphanatics unLimited with Norito Hasegawa. Dr. Koopowitz is Editor Emeritus of the Orchid Digest and is still active on the editorial committee.

Thanh Nguyen

Line Breeding Paphiopedilum Species

Thanh is an owner-operator of Springwater Orchids. He is an engineer by trade, but also has been collecting and growing orchids for over 25 years. Although he grows and sells all orchids genera, his forte has always been the genus of paphiopedilum. His passion in paphs is reflected in award winning plants and an on-going paphs breeding program using local lab work. His goals are to bring the excellence of a paphs breeding program back to America and augment the enthusiasm of paphs growing.

Alexej Popow

Contemporary German Complex Paphiopedilum Breeding

Alexej grew up in the orchid nursery of his father and the flower shop of his mother, where he helped from a young age. He watched with great interest when he accompanied them on shopping trips to the flower wholesale trade or to other orchid growers. Today many of his international business partners have known him since childhood. In 2006 he joined the orchid trade with his father Nebojscha Popow and in 2014 he took over operations of the business.

Dave Sorokowsky

Mottled Leaf Paphiopedilums

While attending Brock University, Dave began acquiring orchids one 2” pot at a time and before he graduated, Dave had over 100 orchids. Winemaking and a passion for orchids prompted Dave to seek a warmer climate in California about one year later. His paphiopedilums have received numerous awards from the American Orchid Society, with many of those awarded plants playing important roles in his breeding program.